Friday, June 23, 2017

Learn What You Need To Know About SEO Terms For Newbies

Here's a post on Tumblr I stumbled across that gives you a coplete list of the many different SEO terms you will need to know about when starting out online.

Fifteen years ago, SEO did not even exist, so in some way, we are all newbies. It’s just that some are more new than others.

This list of terms is by no means exhaustive but is meant as a basic introduction to the language used in SEO. At the rate new terms area appearing, by the time you have finished reading this list someone will have probably invented a new term, but at least you will have the basics. So let’s get started.

  1. Above the Fold
  2. AdSense
  3. AdWords
  4. Algorithm
  5. Anchor Text
  6. Backlink
  7. Click Through Rate (CTR)
  8. Cloaking
  9. Conversion Rate (CR)
  10. CPC - Cost Per Click
  11. CPM - Cost Per Million
  12. Dead Link
  13. Deep Linking
  14. Google Bomb/Google Bombing
  15. Hand Submission (Forums) 
This is just a very small number of terms used, to see the complete list you cnacheck it out here -